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ConnecTech Go-Live Timelines

System Description Date
Procurement (SciQuest) Sourcing Manager for Procurement Bids Live! - August 2007
Imaging (Xtender) Imaging System Ready for Folder Conversions Live! - October 2007
Imaging (Xtender) TTU Personnel Folders Converted from FileControl Live! - November 2007
Imaging (Xtender) TTU/HSC Student Folders Converted from FileControl Live! - December 2007
Portal (Luminis) Authentication Scheme, base portal, existing channels Live! - January 2008
Procurement (SciQuest) Phase I - Shopping cart environment, integration with Techfim Live! - January 2008
General Person Full Module Live! - April 2008
Imaging (Xtender) Completion of all Folder Conversions from FileControl Live! - May 2008
Procurement (SciQuest) Phase II - Purchase orders for FY2009 Live! - May 2008
Interview Process HSC Interview, Scheduling and Offer Processes for HSC Applicants Live! - June 2008
Expanded Admissions HSC All Schools Live! - June 2008
Student Admissions for Spring 2009 and Beyond Live! - June 2008
Cognos/ODS Reporting and Data Warehouse Live! - June 2008
Imaging (Xtender) HSC Finance/HR Folders Live! - August 2008
Finance Full Module Live! - September 2008
Direct Pay Full Module (Process purchases outside of eProcurement) Live! - September 2008
Travel Full Module for Travel Related Expenses Live! - September 2008
Student Course Catalog and Course Schedule for Spring 2009 and Beyond Live! - October 2008
Student Registration for Spring 2009 Live! - November 2008
Human Resources Full Module for Calendar Year 2009 Live! - December 2008
Financial Aid Awarding and Processing for Award Year 2009-2010 Live! - March 2009
Budget Budget Development/Salary Planner Live! - April 2009
Student Final Grading - end of term processing for Spring 2009 Live! - May 2009

Green = Live
Bold = Banner Modules