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Message from the Vice Chancellor | September 2015

Michael Molina

Michael Molina, Vice Chancellor for Facilities Planning & Construction

Let me be the first to welcome you to the newly refreshed and updated Facilities Planning & Construction (FP&C) website. I hope you will take time to explore the content and other offerings our team has worked so hard to put together over the past few months.

We’ve thoroughly redesigned this site with you in mind. We want it to be user-friendly for everyone, whether you are interested in the latest news from FP&C, you are a fan of our incredible Public Art Program, or you are a vendor looking for updates on current projects, you can find it all here easier than ever before.

As you might suspect, the FP&C site is one of the heaviest trafficked sites in the Texas Tech University System. We have visitors, literally, from all over the world. Our team does a lot of great work that we’re proud of, and we have a lot of vendors we’re proud to work with. I hope that sense of pride and accomplishment comes through as you peruse the words and images that make up our world.

Our new site is the result of a lot of hard work on the part of a number of people across the Texas Tech University System, and I thank all who helped realize our goal. Although we have a refreshed site, our work is not done. We will continue to make updates throughout and I plan to routinely update this message for all who visit the site.

Again, I hope you enjoy the site. Thank you for your interest in FP&C. As is the case all across the Texas Tech University System, we have much to be proud of.


Michael S. Molina, AIA 
Vice Chancellor for Facilities Planning & Construction