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Message from the Vice Chancellor | November 2015

Michael Molina

Michael Molina, Vice Chancellor for Facilities Planning & Construction

As many of you are aware, Governor Abbot signed HB 100 after the recent Texas Legislature, providing authority to fund critical capital projects for our growing campuses. This action is helping us fund, through Tuition Revenue Bonds (TRB) and other sources, and construct six new projects across the Texas Tech University System.

I know there is much enthusiasm and interest regarding the status of the RFQ review process currently under way for the TRB project portfolio! Fear not, all of the review committees are working long hours in an effort to expedite to the shortlist process and proceed to interviews. We will be reaching out to the shortlist groups as soon as possible so you will have time to prepare for the interview process.

In parallel with the review and ranking process, the Texas Tech University System also is establishing some new criteria related to reporting to our Board of Regents for all partner selection processes. Additionally, we are developing processes and reporting procedures to align with the new regulations outlined in Senate Bill 20, which also was passed in the 84th Texas Legislature. Needless to say, we have many irons in the fire and your patience and interest in the Texas Tech University System is much appreciated!

On another note, I would like to extend a thank you to our entire subcontractor base for their continued effort as being a driving force in accomplishing quality solutions across our campuses in Texas. At the end of the day, you are the “finishers.” The men and women who ensure the details are sharp, clean and right. I have a very clear understanding and appreciation of your role and how much effort you all make in order to help our campuses be first class.

One of my favorite sayings when challenges arise is “Calm in the Storm.” Schedules may run tight, suppliers may be behind with deliveries, weather doesn't always cooperate and there is a push to stay on schedule, but you get creative and help solve the problem. You are the “Calm in the Storm.” Those are the people we are grateful to have as partners!


Michael S. Molina, AIA
Vice Chancellor for Facilities Planning & Construction