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Q: If I already have an iPhone that I purchased in April, 2009, would I get reimbursed for that? Or does it have to be a new device purchased after the effective date?

A: It is up to the department administrator to decide when the initial Equipment Allowance is given to an employee. In this case the Equipment Allowance could be issued to you at this time but you would not be eligible for another Equipment Allowance for 2 years. She wants to know if she can get an equipment allowance for a personal device she has already purchased. Your response would be that the equipment allowance and be obtained, but she would not be eligible for another for 2 years.

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Q: I currently use my personal phone for both home and work. Do I have to wait until May to become part of the telecommunication allowance program?

A: In your situation you do not have a business device so you will just need to sign up for the Telecommunication Allowance program. The program will be available January 4th for users who do not have university devices. Instructions will be available on our website, www.itcs.ttu.edu , on January 4th. Thank you.

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Q: Will those employees who have a need for extensive international travel have a way to have official use authorized while abroad on official business. I went to our Seville and Quedlinburg Centers last Spring/Summer and I was constantly having to use my I-phones to process TTU emails. There are a handful of people who have to travel internationally on campus – and they are expected to stay current with TTU emails. What allowances are there for these employees?

A: There are a few options for situations such as this.

  1. Users that that travel international infrequently can check out a loaner phone from Communication Services and their department will incur the charges directly.
  2. For departments that have multiple users traveling, the department can obtain university-provided wireless devices and those devices would be used only by traveling users.
  3. For users that travel more frequently, they can request an exception for the allowance amount. Allowance exceptions require justification and approval at the VP level. An example of this would be a user that travels frequently and they can demonstrate that their average wireless bill (as it relates to business use) is $150. They can then receive a monthly allowance of $150 with justification and approval.

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Q: I am retiring as of January 15 and had planned to seek having my Texas Tech Smartphone converted to a personal phone soon. Based on this, should I go ahead and do that to be effective January 1?

A: You will not be required to make the change on January 1st. You can make the change at your convenience prior to your retirement. When you are ready to make the change just contact our department at 742-2000 x245

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Q: I have a laptop connect card under my name which my department is paying for. We would like for the department to continue paying for this. What do we need to do?

A: You will need to submit an exception form to keep the device on the TTU account. Also, when you submit this form, you will need to do a name change from the individuals name to the department’s name (or department floater).

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