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Accessing Your Voicemail
Accessing Voicemail From Phone
Accessing Voicemail From Outlook
Accessing Voicemail From Lync
Accessing Voicemail From Web Browser

Voicemail Help
Change Outlook Voice Access Menu to use Touch Tone Menu
Save Voicemail Attachment to your Local Computer
Exchange Quick Start Guide for Outlook Voice Access

Manage Voicemail Settings
Accessing Voicemail Settings
Call Answering Rules
Reset PIN
Greeting Selection
Outlook Voice Access
Play on Phone

Instructions for Accessing your Voicemail

Accessing Voicemail from Phone

To access your voicemail from a phone, users may do one of the following:

  • Dial (806)743-9999
  • Press the "Message" Key on their Avaya Telephone

  • Users will prompted to enter their PIN (NOTE: If you are calling from a telephone number that is not your extension, you will be prompted to enter your extension)

  • Once you have entered your PIN correctly, follow the instructions given by the auto attendant. NOTE: If you would like to use touch tone commands rather than voice commands, press any key on the phone while the auto attendant is speaking.

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Accessing Voicemail from Outlook

To access your Voicemail in Microsoft Outlook:

  • Open Outlook and verify that you are logged into your TTUHSC mailbox.
  • Verify that the "Inbox" folder is selected
  • Select the voicemail that is marked as unread.
  • Users have the option to play the message in Microsoft Outlook or they can "Play on Phone".

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Accessing Voicemail from Lync

To access your voicemail messages from Lync. Simply open Lync and select the "Phone" button.

Users will see a list of their voicemails at the bottom of the window below the dial pad. Users will also notice the number of new messages on the dial pad button.

Select the button on the voice message to play the message.

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Accessing Voicemail from Web Browser

To access your voicemail messages from your web browser, Users will need to first log in to:

  • TTUHSC Mail (Outlook Web App)

  • Users can scroll through their inbox and listen to their messages.
  • To show voicemails only, expand the "Search Folders" option in the Folder List and select the "Voicemail" Folder
  • Users may want to add the "Voicemail" Folder as a Favorite. To do this: Right-Click the "Voicemail" Folder and select "Add to Favorites"
  • The voicemail folder will show up in your Outlook favorites list.

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Voicemail Help

Below are some tips to help manage voicemails and features included in Outlook Web App.

Changing Outlook Voice Acces Menu to use Touch Tone
  1. Access voicemail either by pressing the "Message" button or dialing (806)743-9999, and enter your PIN.
  2. When the system says, "You can say voicemail, email, calendar..." simply interrupt and say "Personal Options
  3. When Prompted to "Start using the touchtone interface", press 4. The system will respond: "You have chosen the Touchtone User Interface.
  4. Hang up.
  5. Thereafter, when you dial into the system, menu options need to be selected using the telephone keypad rather than having to speak commands to the system.

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Save Voicemail Attachment to your Local Computer
  • From Outlook Web App
  • From Microsoft Outlook

Outlook Web App

  1. Login to TTUHSC Mail (Outlook Web App).
  2. Open the message containing the voicemail.
  3. Click the link labeled "Attachments".
  4. On the resulting popup, click the "Save" button.
  5. Select the save location and save the file.

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Instructions for Managing Voicemail Settings

The settings discussed below can be accessed by doing one of the following:

Microsoft Outlook
  • Open Outlook and log into your TTUHSC account
  • Select "File"
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and Select "Manage Voicemail"
Outlook Web App
  • Log in to mail.ttuhsc.edu
  • Select the "Options" dropdown at the top right of the page
  • Select "See All Option"
  • Select Phone from the menu on the left side of the page.

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Call Answering Rules

  • Call Answering Rules help users decide how they want their calls to be handled when they do not answer their phones.
  • Users can choose to have an automated greeting or record their own. These rules allow callers the ability to leave a voice message, transfer the call to another individual or group, or to try and find you.

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Resetting Voicemail PIN

Users may utilize this feature to reset the PIN to their voicemail. Using this feature will email the user a new temporary PIN. Once the user has received the temporary PIN, the system will force the user to change their PIN to a new 6 digit PIN.

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Greeting Selection

This feature allows users to record a personal greeting for their in-office and/or out-of-office voicemail.

To record a message, select the option you would like to record then select the link that says:

"Call me to play or record the selected greeting...".

The system will call your extension and guide you through recording your greetings.

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Outlook Voice Access

Outlook Voice Access allows users to call in from a non-university phone and access their Outlook voice messages, email, calendar, and Contacts.

To access the system, simply dial the number listed in the box and enter your voicemail PIN. The system will guide you through the Outlook Voice Access Menu.

This section also allows users to choose the order of how their voicemails are played back to them.

  • From newest to oldest
  • From oldest to newest

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Play on Phone

This section simply shows the users extension. This is the number the system calls when recording personal greetings or when the "Message" button is pressed on the users Avaya VoIP telephone

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This section allows users to decide if they want to receive an email when a call is missed.

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