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  • PRISM is a highly collaborative and formal process developed by Texas Tech University System for project and resources portfolio management. It establishes policies and procedures for IT projects and provides for project and resource utilization, tracking, and scheduling.
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Communication Services

The Communication Services department provides integrated voice communication for Texas Tech in a cost-effective and technologically contemporary manner. The basic services provided by Communication Services include telephone services and equipment, cellular voice and data service, long distance calling cards, and conference calling. We currently have over 9,000 telephone lines in service across all the Texas Tech campuses as well as over 1,000 cellular devices. The university as a whole averages over 250,000 long distance minutes a month and over 300,000 cellular minutes a month. Our technicians work an average of 450 work orders and repairs a month. Communication Services also provides the university with operator switchboard services. Our operators handle over 15,000 calls a month.