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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get a Banner account?
A: Banner Access Requests are now being made through the TEAM website, located at http://team.texastech.edu.

Q: How much web space can faculty, staff, & students allocate for their websites?
A: 10MB

Q: What server-side scripting technologies can be used on the TOSM web servers?
A: We support ASP, ASP.NET, PHP and Perl.

Q: Who should I contact to request a server backup?
A: Send an email to backupadmins.tosm@ttu.edu.

Q: How much does it cost to backup our server?
A: At this time, server backups are performed at no cost to the end user for data stores smaller than 100GB. If the total amount of data exceeds 100GB, please send an email to backupadmins.tosm@ttu.edu for pricing.

Q: Does TOSM provide streaming media service to departments?
A: Yes, we have a windows streaming media server available for live streams and we hope to offer on-demand in the near future.

Q: Where can I apply for streaming media?
A: Send an email to serversupport.tosm@ttu.edu.

Q: What is TechSHARE?
A: A campus-wide file server available with 10GB of storage offered at no cost to qualifying departments. Additional information can be found at TechSHARE storage.

Q: What is TechDRIVE?
A: 100mb of online storage available to current students, faculty and staff members. Your TechDRIVE can be activated through RaiderLink.

Q: Can TOSM help install a new server for my department?
A: TOSM is available to assist with server installations. We do, however, recommend that you contact TOSM prior to purchasing your server so that we can assist you in the specification and purchasing process.

Q: Where do I go to request web space for my TTU department or my TTU organization?
A: An online website request form can be found at http://www.ttu.edu/accounts/web.

Q: How can I have an author added to a website at http://www.depts.ttu.edu or http://www.orgs.ttu.edu?
A: Please fill out the online website request form at http://www.ttu.edu/accounts/web.

Q: How can I have a URL redirected to a webpage?
A: Email serversupport.tosm@ttu.edu with the URL and the existing website you would like to have linked together.

Q: What is Google.ttu.edu and how do I get signed up to use this service?
A: It is a campus hosted Google Appliance that performs website cataloging for TTU & TTUHSC. Send an email to serversupport.tosm@ttu.edu for more information.

Q: Can I get my TTU website listed first in the TTU Google Search?
A: No, we do not control the results listing on the Google search. It indexes sites exactly like www.google.com. It is just narrowed to catalog only the ttu.edu and ttuhsc.edu domains.

Q: Can I get a TTU Google site specific search collection setup?
A: Email serversupport.tosm@ttu.edu with the site you wish to have a subcollection setup for, and we will email you the necessary code to use on your webpage to communicate with the Google Appliance.

Q: Where can I find information on operating system install "Best Practices"?
A: Visit the Best Practices section of our website.

Q: I've requested a personal website from the eRaider website but my website is not working correctly. Who should I contact?
A: For personal website problems, please contact IT HelpCentral at 742-HELP.

Q: I need assistance with Microsoft Outlook or have other questions about email. Who should I contact?
A: For email related issues, please contact IT HelpCentral at 742-HELP.

Q: What database platforms does TOSM support?
A: Currently TOSM supports Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL database solutions.

Q: What types of applications can utilize the TOSM database servers?
A: TOSM hosts databases for enterprise applications, departmental applications, and, if approved by the CIO of Texas Tech University, student organization applications.

Q: How do I request a database for my department or student organization?
A: For departmental requests send an email to dba.tosm@ttu.edu with your eRaider, the name of your department, what database platform you prefer and justification for the database. For student organizational requests, please submit your request via email to Mr. Sam Segran, CIO, Texas Tech University (sam.segran@ttu.edu).

Q: How do I request access to my database for a user that does not already have access?
A: Email dba.tosm@ttu.edu with the user’s eRaider, the name of the database, the instance the database is running on, and justification for the access.