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TOSM Server MOUs

The department of Technology Operations and Systems Management (TOSM) provides its customers with various IT-related services including server management, server colocation and server backup services. In an effort to formalize these service offerings, TOSM has developed several Memorandums of Understanding which define the boundaries and costs, where applicable, of these services while providing a framework for improved problem resolution and communication.

Beginning in fiscal year 2014, all TOSM customers utilizing these services will be required to complete an annual server assessment. The server assessment allows customers to view a complete inventory of their servers that take advantage of TOSM service offerings, and establishes a more formalized agreement between TOSM and its customers related to the services that we provide for each individual system. The server assessment will be renewed annually for each system owned by the department and is to be completed by department heads or their designee.

Complete instructions for completing the server assessment form may be found on our website under the TOSM Server MOUs section of our website. An MOU Quick Reference Guide is available there as well.

If you are a department head, you can connect directly to the server assessment form and complete the form online. If you are a department head and would like to designate one of your staff to complete the form on your behalf, please send an email to TOSM Server Support and supply us with the eRaider username of the designee. We will get the information updated in our database and let you know once the form is available to your staff member.

Here are the links to the MOUs:

Should you have any questions regarding the TOSM Server MOUs or the server assessment process, please don't hesitate to email us. Please direct those questions to TOSM Server Support.