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Electronic Distribution of Scantron Results

A new enhancement to the testing process includes the ability for instructors to deliver Scantron results to students via email. This process is very easy and can help eliminate the need for posting grades or devoting class time/office hours to notify students of their grades.

Steps needed to accomplish electronic distribution:

  1. Request a “Student Detail” report for each test submitted
  2. The “Student Detail” report will be electronically sent to you as a PDF file. After you have reviewed results and are satisfied, forward the PDF file to testgrading.tosm@ttu.edu. (***restrictions **** - forwarded email MUST be sent from a valid xxxx@ttu.edu email address and the email MUST contain an attached PDF file)
  3. Once submitted, each student will receive his/her corresponding detailed results page.
  4. Once the file has been processed you should receive an email stating that the results were delivered.

We continue to try to improve the testing experience you receive from the TOSM staff. If you have any suggestions/comments please either talk to the staff at the front desk when submitting tests or feel free to email Robin Bingham or Lisa Gould.