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Accreditation Summaries 

A top priority of the Office of Academic Affairs is to maintain the accreditation status for each of the Texas Tech University System’s component institutions. This initiative provides a simple way to track where each component is with respect to accreditation matters and helps continue the TTU System’s growth and success.

The four component institutions of the TTU System have its accreditation summaries available online by following these links:

International Initiatives

While the specific goals for international student and scholar exchanges vary by component institution, there are several system wide initiatives now underway to enhance those efforts. TTU System Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs) allow each component institution to tailor its program, while minimizing duplication of effort and creating shared strategies to maximize utilization of resources.  MOUs encompass student and faculty exchange, shared research opportunities and overseas internships for undergraduate students.  A clear focus area are agreements with institutions in the Republic of Korea:

Active Duty, Reserve, Guard and Veterans Programs

Each component institution has programs and offices designed to meet the specific needs of the veteran:

Our institutions also have been recognized by G.I. Jobs magazine and ‘Got Your Six’ for their outreach to veterans.

We also have several specific programs designed to recognize the ‘competencies’ gained during military classroom and operational experiences by awarding academic credit in select degrees.  Two specific and innovative programs are of particular interest:

Texas Tech University will award academic credit based on a matrix which reflects academic competencies gained at specific year points in a 20 year military career.  Academic credit may be awarded toward a bachelor's degree in general studies or a bachelor's degree in university studies, both of which may be completed via distance learning. Learn more about the program

Angelo State University will award 9-12 graduate credits toward the Master of Security Studies (M.S.S.) in Intelligence, Security Studies and Analysis for students who complete the 14N program at Goodfellow AFB.