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About El Paso

The city of El Paso has a population of more than 600,000. It is strong and growing metropolis whose sister city of Juarez has a population of more than 1.5 million. El Paso is the sixth largest city in the state of Texas and was recently named Safest U.S. City of cities with a population of more than 500,000 (Congressional Quarterly Press, 2010).

El Paso’s unspoiled natural beauty is a rarity in today’s fast-paced world. During the day, their mountains take on shades of purple, vibrant orange and pale green under a sun that shines over 305 days a year in. Wide-open vistas, big skies and beautiful desert weather are the norm, and almost every day ends with a breathtaking sunset. At night, their city lights look like a scattering of glittering diamonds across an expanse of darkness.

El Paso is also home to the Medical Center of the Americas (MCA) campus is comprised of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center at El Paso, the El Paso Children's hospital, University Medical Center, and the El Paso Psychiatric Center.

The MCA campus is located in South El Paso. Jefferson High School and the health-focused Maxine L. Silva Magnet High School are located directly south of this campus. Properties and land to the north are either in business or have been purchased by TTUHSC at El Paso, UMC, or MCA. This is where the Biomedical Institute of the Americas  will soon break ground on the Cardwell Collaborative, the first building on the developing 13-acre research park.

More information on the MCA and the Biomedical Institute can be found at http://mcamericas.org