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Vision and Progress

Value Added, Value Accounted

In February 2013, the Texas Tech University System adopted Value Added, Value Accounted, the strategic plan and value report for our central administration.

This strategic plan outlines the priorities and goals of the TTU System administration, as well as the value our system provides to the component institutions. 

The TTU System is Leading the Way

Under the leadership of Chancellor Robert Duncan, the Texas Tech University System continues to excel in its mission of providing high-quality education, innovative research and exceptional health care. The TTU System and its component institutions play a vital role in advancing higher education and meeting the needs of our people, our communities and our state.

Since our inception, we have proven it's possible from here, and in the past seven years, we have experienced an unprecedented period of growth and success.

There has never been a more exciting time at the TTU System. Learn more about the progress and great things happening at each component institution through our institutional strategic plan