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Center for Pulsed Power and Power Electronics

Project #:08-13
Detailed Status:Project Closed
Building Gross Sq. Ft:92,722
Campus:TTU Lubbock
Location:910 Boston Avenue
Board Approved Budget: $1,500,000
Adjusted Budget: $1,180,500
Final Cost: $1,178,371
Construction Start Date:12.15.2008
Project Completion:08.17.2009
Project Team
Program Director:Rick Richeda
Contractor:Lee Lewis Construction
Design Professionals:SmithGroup/F & S Partners
Artist:William Cannings
Art Title:Hive
The Center of Pulsed Power and Power Electronics consists of a two story addition to the Electrical Engineering Annex and a small renovation within the same building. The existing masonry structure and storefront lobby north of the corridor connecting the Electrical Engineering Annex and Electrical Engineering buildings will be removed and, in their place, a conference room, new lobby and IT room will be built on the first floor and four offices on the second floor. The area of new construction is planned to be 1,090 GSF on the first floor and 1,122 GSF on the second floor. Renovation will include building a new 173 GSF Secure Office inside Room 202 on the second floor of the Electrical Engineering Annex; Room 202 is currently open to a Pulsed Power Lab below. Site work will consist of minimal landscaping around the addition.