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Contact Us

To order new service, submit a repair, report a problem or if you have any other questions, please contact our office at:

Communication Services
PO Box 41131, MS1131
Lubbock, TX 79409
Phone: (806) 742-2000
Fax: (806) 742-1343

Customer Support: CustomerSupport.Commsvcs@ttu.edu
Billing Support: BillingSupport.Commsvcs@ttu.edu

Staff Listing

Name Title Phone Campus E-mail
Administrative Staff
Steve Taylor Director 806-742-2000 steve.taylor@ttu.edu
Jimmy Holland Assistant Director 806-742-2000 jimmy.holland@ttu.edu
Carlos Casarez Assistant Director 806-742-2000 carlos.casarez@ttu.edu
Richard Pickens Assistant Director 915-215-4011 richard.d.pickens@ttu.edu
Judy Keesee Administrative Assistant 806-742-2000 judy.keesee@ttu.edu
Customer Service
Rhonda Cypert Customer Service Unit Manager 806-742-2000 rhonda.cypert@ttu.edu
Laura Guzman Application Specialist 806-742-2000 laura.guzman@ttu.edu
Janie Deleon IT Support Specialist II / Trainer 806-742-2000 janie.deleon@ttu.edu
Linda Hinds IT Support Specialist II 806-742-2000 linda.hinds@ttu.edu
Karen Carrasco IT Support Specialist I / Trainer 806-742-2000 karen.carrasco@ttu.edu
Linda Estes IT Support Specialist I 806-742-2000 linda.estes@ttu.edu
Billie McCombs IT Support Specialist I 806-742-2000 billie mccombs@ttu.edu
Application Support
Joab Chavez Enterprise Network Engineer III (Lubbock) 806-742-2000 joab.chavez@ttu.edu
Danelle Ramirez Enterprise Systems Analyst II (Lubbock) 806-742-2000 danelle.ramirez@ttu.edu
Stoney Streety IT Support Specialist IV (Lubbock) 806-742-2000 stoney.streety@ttu.edu
Mark Wright IT Support Technician IV (El Paso) 915-215-4011 mark.wright@ttu.edu
Administrative Services (Billing)
Teresa Woodruff Billing Section Manager 806-742-2000 teresa.woodruff@ttu.edu
Dru Franco Billing Analyst 806-742-2000 dru.franco@ttu.edu
Eddie Morales Billing Analyst 806-742-2000 eddie.morales@ttu.edu
Technical Support
Casey Jones Technician Unit Manager (Lubbock) 806-742-2000 casey.j.jones@ttu.edu
JR Correa IT Support Technician II (Lubbock) 806-742-2000 g.correa@ttu.edu
Steven Pilger IT Support Technician II (Lubbock) 806-742-2000 steven.pilger@ttu.edu
Rosie Prigg Receptionist 806-742-2000 rosie.prigg@ttu.edu
Cynthia Young Receptionist 806-742-2000 cynthia.young@ttu.edu