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Office of Investments

Office of Investments

The Office of Investments, with the guidance of the Investment Advisory Committee, is responsible for managing the Long Term and Intermediate Investment Funds. The TTU System strives to earn the highest possible return from interest, dividends, realized gains and market value increases while maintaining an appropriate level of risk. To do this, the services of external investment managers are utilized.  Both the Office of Investments and the Investment Advisory Committee closely monitor the performance of the portfolios with re-allocation occurring as needed.

The Chief Investment Officer manages a team of investment professionals who develop the strategic direction of the portfolio, tactically allocate to attractive opportunities, and select investment managers all within a risk management framework.

The primary objective is to provide a consistent, growing, inflation-adjusted revenue stream, measured as Consumer Price Index plus 5 percent (CPI + 5%),  for the TTU System Board of Regents, chancellor and univeristy presidents to provide funding for students, faculty and members of the Red Raider and Ram family.