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Physical Server Hosting

TOSM Server Support maintains a data center located at the Computer Center that is environmentally controlled, secure, and offers 24 X 7 operational monitoring. Campus departments, organizations and colleges that decide to have their servers relocated to our data center take advantage of Power Distribution Units which prevent power spikes from affecting server hardware and an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) which will support the data center in case of a power failure for approximately 30 minutes. As part of the strategic plan, TOSM has acquired a generator for prolonged periods of power outages. The TOSM data center is equipped with air handlers that regulate the temperature and humidity of the machine room. This controlled environment extends server life and keeps the components performing at optimal levels. The machine room is physically secure and locked 24 X 7 so unauthorized users have no means of gaining access to the servers. Authorized access is granted using a combination of digital access codes and biometric readers.  The data center is also monitored by closed circuit surveillance cameras placed throughout the datacenter and surrounding areas.

As a hosting facility, the infrastructure is very flexible, supporting Microsoft Windows servers and Oracle Enterprise Linux servers and various server appliances. We also offer shared storage options through Enterprise storage offerings and also offer backup services for servers. We also host a large virtualization environment using VMWare ESXi, resulting in lower operational costs for TTU as well as improving the workplace by centralizing management through continued server and service consolidation.