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Workers' Compensation

Workers' compensation is regulated by the State of Texas and provides medical and loss of income benefits to employees who are injured or contract an occupational illness while performing duties within the course and scope of their employment at the Texas Tech University System.  The TTU System and its component institutions do not purchase insurance to cover these benefits.  Instead, we self-fund these exposures by placing money on deposit with the State Office of Risk Management (SORM) in Austin.

All claims must be processed through the TTU System Office of Risk Management and in compliance with operating policies, which are featured in the box to the right and below.

Each component is assigned a dedicated contact for the purpose of processing workers’ compensation claims and must adhere to the component specific operating policy.  If you are injured on the job contact your supervisor immediately.

Workers' Compensation Health Care Network Information

One of the laws passed by the 79th Legislature was House Bill 7 - Texas Insurance Code Chapter 1305.  The purpose of Chapter 1305 is to authorize the use of workers’ compensation health care networks to provide quick, efficient, quality medical care to employees injured at work. Our workers’ compensation provider, the SORM, has partnered with Forte, Inc., to provide access to a certified Workers’ Compensation Health Care Network (HCN), known as the CompKey+ HCN.

Effective October 1, 2011 employees requiring medical care arising from injuries sustained while on the job must use the network. We are providing information about the network as a service to our University community. Employees will receive the same notification should they need to file a claim. We encourage you to explore the information found by clicking on the "Workers' Compensation Health Care Network" link under Operating Policies to Review in the column to the right. There you will find what you need to know about CompKey+ HCN including how to get care if you are injured on the job.

If you are injured at work you will be given an additional notice of network requirements as a guide for what you need to do to receive medical care.  A copy of the Notice of Network Requirements, videos explaining the HCN, and other resources are available on the SORM Health Care Network at the link provided above.

The TTU System Office of Risk Management is the health care network contact for the Texas Tech University System Administration, Texas Tech University and Texas Tech University Heath Sciences Center. We are always glad to answer your questions, or you may contact the SORM at (877) 445-0006 or through their website at www.sorm.state.tx.us.