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Research & Commercialization
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Welcome from the Interim Vice Chancellor

Russell Thomasson

It is important for public research universities in the twenty-first century to help maintain America’s global competitiveness through discovery, innovation, and technology transfer. We must continue our pursuit of new knowledge and, at the same time, apply existing science and technology to help address the myriad of challenges and opportunities facing our great nation. I cannot think of a better way for universities to achieve this mission than establishing partnerships with private companies to solve industry problems through research; develop products that will benefit the public; provide learning opportunities for students; enhance economic development for the region and state; and generate revenue streams to advance higher education.

It is our privilege as members of the Office of Research & Commercialization to work with our talented faculty to make sure such outcomes are being realized throughout the Texas Tech University System. In order to be successful, we must create a culture that values translational research, entrepreneurship, and commercialization. We also need to develop a vibrant innovation ecosystem throughout West Texas, connecting the ideas, capital, and talent that are already present in our region. We are proud to work with our alumni across the country who are business leaders, investors, and/or entrepreneurs and asking them to help us assess technologies, introduce us to key industry representatives, and provide strategic advice. While we recognize this is a long-term proposition for the Texas Tech University System, we are already experiencing success as a result of the System’s leadership and commitment.

Russell H. Thomasson
Interim Vice Chancellor of Research & Commercialization

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