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Texas Tech University System's policy and procedures for handling public records requests are set forth in Texas Tech University System Regulation 07.01. This regulation applies to all requests for public records from the System administration and all of the System's component institutions. 

It is the policy of the Texas Tech University System and the State of Texas that Institutions of Higher Education serve the people of Texas, and, thus, the general public is granted certain rights under the Texas Public Information Act to view or receive a copy of the documents and electronically stored information held by this institution and its components except where the law recognizes the confidentiality of certain records. The institution may charge for copies, labor, redactions or other supplies or services; however, if the institution expects the costs to exceed $40, then the institution is required to send an estimate of the costs to the requestor prior to filling the request. 

How Do I Submit a Request? 

The Public Information Act only applies to documents or electronically stored data existing at the time of the request. You may submit a Public Information Act request for the Texas Tech University System or any of its components by detailing your request in writing and submitting it to the Public Information Act Officer, as follows:           



Hand Delivery:

Public Information Act Officer 
Texas Tech University System
System Administration Building, Suite #301 
1508 Knoxville Ave. 


Public Information Act Officer 
Texas Tech University System
Box 42021
Lubbock, TX 79409-2021

Please Note: Broad requests, requests for documents older than three (3) years and requests for emails (due to the volume of emails received daily) require a significant amount of staff time and may result in estimated charges that may have to be paid prior to receiving the requested information.  Optimum requests are narrow and directed to specific documents at specific components; please prepare your request accordingly. In addition, please include a mailing address if you submit your request by email as the Texas Attorney General will only correspond directly with you via U.S. mail.

If I am a System or University Employee and Receive a Request, What Should I Do?

To be valid, public information act requests must be submitted in writing. If you have received a request in writing that has been delivered by hand or by mail (UPS, Fedex, or U.S. Postal Service), please scan and forward the request as soon as possible to Ronny H. Wall, Senior Associate General Counsel, at ronny.wall@ttu.edu.  If you need to send the request in another manner, please contact Ronny H. Wall at the above email address or call (806) 742-2155 for assistance.

Public Information Act requests pertaining to the Texas Tech University System and its components received by email, mail, hand delivery or fax are only valid if they are directed to the Public Information Act Officer as indicated above.    Please respond to all requestors who email, mail, hand deliver or fax requests to you and refer them to the appropriate address stated above and immediately send a copy to Ronny H. Wall at ronny.wall@ttu.edu for further instructions.

If you have any questions regarding a Public Information Act request, please contact Ronny H. Wall at (806) 742-2155 or ronny.wall@ttu.edu.