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Required Contract Terms 

Our component universities are Texas public institutions of higher education. As State agencies, we are required by Texas law, the directives of the Attorney General, and Rules of our Board of Regents, to include certain provisions in all System and university contracts. These provisions are incorporated by reference in OGC-approved forms and are accessible at the link below.

Contract Review

Texas Tech University System’s Regents’ Rules require the Office of General Counsel to review all significant contracts. For more information about OGC’s review process and what contracts require our prior review, please see System Regulation 07.03 

Approved Contract Forms

OGC has developed the standard forms to assist each component university in expediting the contracting process. In many instances, use of OGC-approved standard forms, without modification to substantive legal terms, avoids the requirement of OGC review. If your university enters into agreements for which we have not yet developed an approved form, our attorneys are happy to assist you in developing an appropriate document.

University Contracting Policies

OGC reviews contracts pursuant to Texas Tech University System’s Regents’ Rules and System Regulation 07.03, and we develop forms and offer legal advice in service to each component university. Please note that OGC cannot initiate, approve, or execute any contract on behalf of your university. You must coordinate procurement and contracting with your university’s business office, in accordance with your university operating policies and procedures.