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OGC-Provided Trainings

Our attorneys are available to provide training sessions to the System community on a broad range of legal issues. Examples of training topics presented by our office include:

If you would like to request an OGC legal training for your unit or department on one of the topics above, or on another legal topic, please contact eric.bentley@ttu.edu.

System and University Rules, Regulations, and Policies

The Texas Legislature has delegated the power and authority to govern, control, and direct the policies of the Texas Tech University System to the Board of Regents. The Board of Regents has established policy-making procedures and hierarchies applicable to each component university. If any conflict arises between policies, the controlling policy is the first of: Board of Regents’ Rules, System Regulations, or the university’s Operating Policies and Procedures.

Additional Resources

The following external links may provide additional useful information. They are provided for reference and not in lieu of legal advice from our office. If you have questions about a specific legal issue at your institution, please contact an attorney in our office.