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Statement from Dr. Tedd L. Mitchell, Chancellor, Texas Tech University System

December 12, 2018 | Contact: Scott Lacefield

Texas Tech University System Chancellor Dr. Tedd L. Mitchell provided the following statement of support for the 2018 farm bill, which has been approved by the U.S. Congress and U.S. Senate.

“Congratulations to Chairman Mike Conaway and Chairman Pat Roberts on successfully passing the 2018 farm bill. I’d also like to thank Congressman Jodey Arrington for his contributions as a member of the U.S. House Agriculture Committee and serving on the conference committee.

“This farm bill is the culmination of a diligent, engaging grassroots process on the part of the Chairman and Committee. We appreciate the Chairman and the Committee for organizing the listening session in Texas, hosted at Angelo State University, to hear the voices of the people and industries this farm bill supports and impacts.

“Across the Texas Tech University System, we are proud to be conducting impactful, applied research that solves the problems facing our state and nation. Our position in West Texas has allowed us to develop strong relationships with our vital agricultural industries and understand the challenges they face in order to pursue innovative solutions.

“In 2015, Texas Tech University was ranked No. 1 among non-land grant colleges of agriculture in the National Science Foundation’s rankings for higher education agricultural research and development. Angelo State University’s Management, Instruction and Research Center hosts 6,000 acres of range and farm land, and the university works directly with regional producers to develop seed stocks in key animal populations of the area through its breeding programs on the University Ranch. We truly consider ourselves to be a partner to the agricultural community across the state and our region.

“A strong farm bill is critical to the stabilization of the agricultural and agri-business industries that drive our national economy.”

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In its short history, the TTU System has grown tremendously and is nationally acclaimed, operating on 17 campuses statewide and internationally. Under the dynamic leadership of Chancellor Dr. Tedd L. Mitchell, the TTU System has set forth a bold vision of excellence, collaboration and innovation and continues to prove that from here, it’s possible.