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In order to continue to pursue the mission of the Texas Tech University System as well as its ongoing growth and development, the Board of Regents established the Chancellor Search Committee.  The Search Committee is charged with the process of soliciting and screening candidates for the position of Chancellor of the TTU System.  To fulfill this charge, all members of the Search Committee have signed a Code of Ethics and Confidentiality Agreement that prohibits them from publicly identifying any person who is being considered for the position.

In accordance with the Regents’ Rules, the Search Committee is to identify “a limited slate of unranked candidates for the position to be delivered to the full board for its deliberation.”  The Board of Regents, then, will determine which finalist for the position will be publicly named.

Texas state law protects the identity of any applicant for the position of chancellor until such time as the applicant is named a finalist for the position.  The same state law requires that, for a chancellor of a public higher education system in Texas, public notice of the name of any finalist must be given at least 21 days before the date on which final action is taken to employ the person.

In selecting and announcing a finalist for Chancellor, the TTU System will follow its past practice of the Board of Regents reviewing the recommendations of the Chancellor Search Committee and making a determination of which finalist will be publicly announced.  The announcement of one finalist is the practice used by the TTU System since 1996 for all chancellor searches.