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Server Backup and Recovery

The IT Division has been charged with the responsibility of ensuring all university mission critical data, is secure and backed up properly. It is imperative that backups for mission critical data are current, in case of hardware or software failures, virus attacks or successful hacking attempts. Failure to do this properly has the potential to be extremely costly. For this reason, TOSM has implemented a well-planned server backup strategy. All servers located at the University Data Center are backed up using this strategy, but it can also be used for any server connected to TTUnet. Backups are performed nightly to account for any data that changed during the day. Four weeks worth of backups are kept and cycled through various remote storage sites around campus.

For more information about the TOSM Server Backup service, please see our TOSM Server Backup MOU. This information can also be found in the TOSM Server MOUs section of our website.