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Office of Investments

The Texas Tech University System Office of Investments is responsible for managing the Long-Term Investment Fund (LTIF). The TTU System strives to earn the highest possible return from interest, dividends, realized gains and market value increases while maintaining an appropriate level of risk as defined by the Policy Benchmark. To do this, the services of external investment managers are utilized. The Office of Investments closely monitors the performance of the portfolio with re-allocation occurring as needed.

The Office of Investments holds regularly scheduled meetings with the Investment Resource Council (IRC) with the goal of supporting stewardship and communication to stakeholders. The composition of the IRC includes a blend of investment professionals and primary stakeholders coordinated by the TTU System Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer. The IRC also reviews performance returns, asset allocation ranges, tactical targets and ranges and risk-related performance benchmarks.

The Chief Investment Officer manages a team of investment professionals who develop the strategic direction of the portfolio, tactically allocate to attractive opportunities and select investment managers all within a risk management framework relative to the Policy Benchmark.

The strategic objective is to provide a consistent, growing, inflation-adjusted revenue stream, measured as Consumer Price Index plus 5 percent (CPI + 5%) over rolling 10-year periods. That growing revenue stream is utilized with oversight from the Board of Regents, Chancellor and TTU System institution Presidents, as well as foundation boards, to provide scholarships for students and fund academic chairs. The performance objective is to outperform a market benchmark consisting of a Global 60/40 passive portfolio plus 100 basis points, over rolling three-year periods.