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Research & Commercialization
Texas Tech University System 

Physical Address:
Texas Tech Plaza, Suite 101
1901 University Avenue 
Lubbock, TX 79410

Mailing Address:
Box 42007
Lubbock, TX 79409-2007

Phone: 806.742.4105

Fax: 806.742.4102

8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Central, Monday - Friday

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Russell Thomasson

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Russell Thomasson
Interim Vice Chancellor of Research & Commercialization

Phone: 806.742.4105
Email: Russell.Thomasson@ttu.edu

Lauren Hering
Assistant to the Vice Chancellor

Phone: 806.834.0675
Email: Lauren.Hering@ttu.edu

Office of Technology Commercialization Staff

Eli Vasquez 

David McClure 

Eli Velasquez
Associate Vice Chancellor and Director 

Phone: 806.834.2481
Email: eli.velasquez@ttu.edu

David McClure
Associate Managing Director/Technology Manager

Phone: 806.834.5899
Email: david.mcclure@ttu.edu

David E. Snow 

Ryan Reber


David E. Snow
Assistant Managing Director & Intellectual Property Manager

Phone: 806.834.4989
Email: david.e.snow@ttu.edu

Ryan Reber
Technology Manager

Phone: 806.834.4190
Email: ryan.reber@ttu.edu

No Photo Available No Photo Available

Barbara Harris 
Administrative Services Manager

Phone: 806.834.1512
Email: Barbara.Harris@ttu.edu

Rosalinda Natividad
Director - El Paso

500 W. Overland Ave., Suite 220
El Paso, TX 79901

Phone: 915.534.8148
Email: rosalinda.natividad@ttu.edu

Office of Corporate Engagement Staff

Russell Thomasson 


Russell Thomasson
Associate Vice Chancellor and Director of Corporate Engagement

Phone: 806.834.6651
Email: russell.thomasson@ttu.edu


Office of Federal Relations Staff

Barry Brown


Barry Brown
Director of Federal Relations

Phone: 202.547.4549
Email: bbrown@alpinegroup.com