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Office of Treasury
Texas Tech University System 

System Administration Building
1508 Knoxville Ave., Ste. 315
Box 41098
Lubbock, TX  79409-1098

Phone: 806.742.1700

Email: ttus.treasury@ttu.edu

8 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Central, Monday - Friday

Comprehensive Cash Pool (CCP)

As a pooled fund for the collective investment of the operating funds, non-operating funds
and other funds of the system and component institutions, the CCP is established to optimize
system-wide liquidity and earnings, protect and preserve balances, and control costs of
administering the pool and managing the system’s assets.


Cash Segment

The Office of Treasury administers the Texas Tech University System’s funds and accounts by maintaining depository partner and other financial vendor relationships that pertain to cash flow and liquidity needs of the system. The Office of Treasury handles tasks related to account maintenance, cash pooling, liquidity management, short-term investing, ACH and wire requests, and other banking research. Requests for treasury service can be emailed to ttus.treasuryrequests@ttu.edu.


Any requests for bank access or money movement must be requested through the appropriate member institution channels such as accounts payable or the appropriate accounting unit. The Office of Treasury will not release forms or money movement requests to external parties.

Contingency Segment

The contingency segment is managed by the Office of Treasury under the internal policy guidelines listed below. The Office of Treasury completes due diligence and recommends the pool of broker/dealer relationships annually with the System CFO endorsement. Broker/Dealer communication can be emailed to ttus.treasury@ttu.edu.


Noncurrent Segment

The Office of Treasury is currently transitioning the Noncurrent Segment and will update this page at the appropriate time. The current policy for this segment is linked below.

Requests for information regarding the Noncurrent Segment can be emailed to ttus.treasury@ttu.edu.


CCP Governance & Reporting

Regents' Rules Chapter 7 - Fiscal Management

Comprehensive Cash Pool Policy Statement

Investment Newsletters

Statutorily Required Investment Reports

Statutorily Required Investment Disclosure