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Texas Tech is committed to improving the recruiting process for both our hiring managers and our applicants.  We have implemented new technology to enhance our current functions, in addition to providing new recruiting capabilities.  As a result, it is necessary for all hiring managers and other similar users of the applicant tracking system to complete required training before gaining access to the new system.  

To request access to the system and for additional information regarding the required training, please contact your respective Human Resources Department.

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The TTU applicant tracking system, Kenexa, is currently experiencing an intermittent single sign-on login error when attempting to access. If you receive a single sign on login error when attempting to login click 'refresh' in the browser, then click on the command to resend the page information. The Kenexa homepage should then populate. It is also recommended to clear the history, cookies, and cache within the browser. While FIREFOX is the supported browser for this system, these steps should work in any browser.

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