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Terry Fuller Petroleum Engineering Research Building

Project #:11-09
Detailed Status:Project Closed
Building Gross Sq. Ft:43,886
Campus:TTU Lubbock
Location:807 Boston Avenue
Board Approved Budget: $22,800,000
Adjusted Budget: $22,823,028
Budget Summary:Increase of $23,028 from Operations to create loop on the water system to enhance water pressure on the fire lines in the area.
Final Cost: $22,805,748
Construction Start Date:01.24.2012
Project Completion:01.15.2014
Project Team
Program Director:Rick Richeda
Contractor:Vaughn Construction
Design Professionals:Kirksey Architecture
Artist:Juanjo Novella
Art Title:Fountain
Texas Tech University System and the Edward E. Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering constructed a new 43,886 sq.ft, LEED Certified, 2-story Petroleum Engineering Research Building. The new facility matches the architectural style of the historic Engineering Key and demonstrates Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design. Spaces incorporated into the project include faculty and administrative offices, conference rooms, classrooms, graduate and undergraduate areas, library, and engineering laboratories. In addition, the project constructs 71 new parking spaces adjacent to the new facility. The project included asbestos abatement and partial demolition of the existing 38,000 sq.ft. Exercise Sciences Center (ESC) with the associated utility tunnel.
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