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Campus Master Planning & Land Development

One of the main responsibilities of Facilities Planning & Construction is campus master planning, where the team establishes a long-term framework that fosters an expansive and supportive campus environment reflecting each university's vision and goals.

The Texas Tech University System and its four universities operate on a dozen campuses throughout the state of Texas, as well as one location internationally. With 1,839 acres, the largest campus is in Lubbock, Texas and is home to the Texas Tech University System and two of its components—Texas Tech University, the flagship institution, and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, a separate, comprehensive health university.

The first Master Plan for the Lubbock campus was adopted in 1997 to establish a vision for growth and continued excellence throughout the Texas Tech University System. Since then, there have been two updates to the plan with the most recent being adopted in 2014.

On the Horizon

To accommodate the tremendous growth of the Texas Tech University System, Facilities Planning & Construction works closely with each component university in the identification of both current and future facility and infrastructure needs. 

Over the next 10 years, planning and development on each campus will be focused toward shared-facility academic partnerships with private industry, research facilities, mixed-use student life development and student residential spaces. Provided below is just a small snapshot of the potential projects that are in discussion for the future.

Potential Project Location Project Type Estimated Gross Sq. Ft. Estimated Project Cost
Angelo State University        
New Art Building San Angelo New Construction 30,775 $25,000,000
Concho Hall Renovation San Angelo Repair & Renovation 99,483 $27,600,000
Food Service Center Renovation San Angelo Repair & Renovation 27,904 $7,500,000
Sol Mayer Administration Building Theatre Renovation San Angelo Repair & Renovation 8,255 $3,000,000
New Police Station San Angelo New Construction 8,000 $3,800,000
Indoor Athletic Competition and Practice Complex San Angelo New Construction 40,000 $2,000,000
Academic Building Renovation and Addition San Angelo Addition & Renovation 77,532 $21,250,000
Texas Tech University        
Science and Engineering Complex Lubbock Repair & Renovation 298,723 $131,200,000
Weeks Hall Abatement and Renovation Lubbock Repair & Renovation 67,234 $24,800,000
Basketball Practice Facility Lubbock New Construction 50,032 $31,500,000
Dairy Barn Renovation Lubbock Repair & Renovation 8,000 $2,600,000
Chitwood Hall - Window Replacements Lubbock Repair & Renovation 130,124 $1,900,000
Student Athlete Dining Hall Lubbock New Construction 16,000 $5,500,00
Plant & Soil Sciences Greenhouse Lubbock New Construction 10,322 $4,000,000
Psychology Building Addition Lubbock  Addition 4,600  $2,000,000 
Library High Bay Storage + TTU Warehouse Storage Building Lubbock  New Construction 73,900  $8,000,000 
Rip Griffin Park Baseball Clubhouse Renovation Lubbock  Addition & Renovation 10,236  $8,000,000 
Football Training Facility Repurpose Lubbock  Addition & Renovation  50,398 $20,000,000 
Jones AT&T Stadium South End Zone Renovation Lubbock  New Construction  128,000 $45,000,000 
College of Visual & Performing Arts - Maedgen Theatre Renovation Phase II Lubbock  Repair & Renovation 40,100 $24,900,000
Architecture Renovation Lubbock  Repair & Renovation  154,408 $15,000,000
Library Renovation and Life Safety Lubbock  Repair & Renovation 365,046  $50,000,000 
TT Plaza Renovation for Human Sciences NMHI Clinic Lubbock  Repair & Renovation  23,253  $5,000,000
Doak Hall Renovation and Life Safety Upgrade Lubbock  Repair & Renovation 81,768  $22,400,000 
 Ranching Heritage Center - Ranch Life Learning Center Lubbock Addition & Renovation  3,000 $4,000,000
Masked Rider Pavilion and Animal Sciences Expansion Lubbock New Construction  125,000  $50,000,000
Science Building Renovation and Life Safety Lubbock Repair & Renovation   109,343  $31,700,000 
New Music Building - Phase I Lubbock New Construction  125,000  $50,000,000 
TTU Museum East Wing Addition Lubbock Addition 18,000  $13,000,000 
TTU Museum Expansion Lubbock New Construction  140,000  $120,000,000 
Jones AT&T Stadium East Side Bldg Finish Our Lubbock Renovation 16,201 $8,000,000
Rip Griffin Park Expansion Lubbock Addition 15,000 $6,000,000
McLeod Tennis Complex Improvements/Garst Pavilion Lubbock Repair & Renovation 4,182  $5,000,000
Infrastructure Upgrade - Chilled Water Loop Lubbock Infrastructure N/A $7,000,000
Agricultural Sciences Renovation Lubbock Repair & Renovation 40,920 $10,500,000
New Data Center Lubbock New Construction 24,000 $21,200,000
Vietnam Center, Archive, & Museum of the Vietnam War Lubbock New Construction 50,000 $25,000,000
School of Veterinary Medicine Amarillo New Construction 210,000 $89,820,000
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center        
SW SOP Dallas Renovation Dallas Repair & Renovation 38,300 $5,500,000
SW SOP Dallas Renewals & Repairs Dallas Repair & Renovation 63,000 $2,000,000
Amarillo Clinic Building (includes a 2nd floor - Growth) Amarillo New Construction 39,000 $20,500,000
Amarillo Facilities Administration Building Amarillo Repair & Renovation 40,000 $18,000,000
Lubbock Infrastructure Improvements Lubbock Infrastructure N/A $6,900,000
Facility Research Lab Modernizations - Phase I Lubbock Repair & Renovation 68,000  $22,000,000 
Lubbock Preston Smith Library Basement Build-Out Lubbock  New Construction 16,232 $8,650,000
Clinical & Academic Expansion (HCC) Lubbock  Addition 42,000  $23,500.000
Lubbock LARC Expansion & Upgrades Lubbock  Addition & Renovation 39,000 $13,500,000 
Lubbock Upgrading CHACP II (adding chillers) Lubbock  Infrastructure N/A $5,000,000
Abilene LARC Abilene Addition 6,000  $5,600,000
Midland Physicians Assistant (PA) Building Midland New Construction 78,000 $65,000,000
Facility Research Lab Modernizations - Phase II Lubbock  Repair & Renovation 68,000 $22,000,000
Odessa Clinic Building 3rd Floor Expansion Odessa Addition 6,100 $4,000,000
Midland Jenna Welch Expansion Midland Addition 7,800 $5,700,000
Facility Research Lab Modernizations - Phase III Lubbock Repair & Renovation 68,000 $22,000,000
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso
Dental School Building El Paso New Construction  150,000 $78,300,000
Clinical Sciences Building El Paso New Construction 240,000 $108,800,000
Administrative Support Building Renovation (Construct offices in warehouse shell space) El Paso  Renovation  38,869 $15,500,000
Family Medicine Clinic El Paso New Construction  35,000 $18,650,000
El Paso Thermal Energy Plant & Parking Garage No. 1 El Paso  New Construction  450,000  $73,930,000
El Paso Parking Garage No. 2 El Paso New Construction 420,000 $31,700,000
Miles Building Renovation - 301 Concepcion El Paso  Repair & Renovation 58,297 $3,500,000