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ASU Aviation Program Training Facility

Project #:23-08
Detailed Status:Under Construction
Campus:ASU San Angelo
Location:2601 W Ave N
Board Approved Budget: $8,622,039
Adjusted Budget: $8,622,039
Budget Summary:3 sources of funds (in the order they should be used) $6.2 million gift funds (cash) $2 million in grant funds from the City of San Angelo Remaining funds will come from HEF cash. There will be no debt on this project. The construction folks are working on getting the cost down to (or below) $8.2 million.
Project Team
Program Director:Jeff Sutherland
Field Observer:Cody Guins
Design Professionals:KFW
Contractor:Hoar Construction
CM Agent:N/A
Project will provide an approximate 14,400 GSF facility containing: Classrooms, Simulator rooms, Open study/work cubicles, Program director, chief pilot, and instructor offices; A main lobby/waiting area with recruiting lounge; Restrooms; and Service area.
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