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TTUHSC Lubbock-5B West Research Lab Renovations (CCAP)

Project #:23-11
Detailed Status:Stage I Design
Campus:HSC Lubbock
Board Approved Budget: $244,219
Adjusted Budget: $244,219
Project Start Date:05.12.2023
Project Team
Program Director:Rick Richeda
Field Observer:Jodie Ellis
Design Professionals:Sims Architects, Inc
CM Agent:N/A
This project consists of renovating approximately 14,000 square feet of research space located in the west half of Pod B on the fifth floor of the Health Sciences Center building. Research labs and support spaces will be renovated into modern, innovative BSL2/BSL2+ labs. All existing furniture, finishes, and built-in equipment (FFE) will be removed, the floor plan reconfigured, and new FFE installed. All mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems within the area of renovation will be updated and/or reconfigured. The renovations will result in decreased operating costs, improved efficiency, functionality, collaboration and increased levels of safety, security, and accessibility while providing a positive impression for recruitment.
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