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TTUHSC El Paso Comprehensive Cancer Center

Project #:23-12
Detailed Status:Stage II Design
Building Gross Sq. Ft:90,000
Campus:HSC El Paso
Board Approved Budget: $7,257,028
Adjusted Budget: $7,257,028
Project Start Date:06.23.2023
Project Team
Program Director:Kris Walker
Field Observer:Adam Rascon
Design Professionals:HDR
CM Agent:TBD
Project will construct an approximate 90,000 GSF multi-story facility to provide cancer screening and to improve cancer treatments and outcomes. The proposed new facility will include: Stand-alone single story imaging center containing approximately 20,000 GSF. This imaging center will be shared by the new TTUHSC El Paso Clinical Sciences Building that will be constructed adjacent to this facility. The imaging center will contain approximately 12,000 GSF of imaging space which will include numerous machines and diagnostic equipment including X-rays, PETs, CTs, MRIs, Mammogram equipment, Radiology/Fluoroscopy equipment, Ultrasound equipment as well as a host of other treatment and diagnostic equipment. Approximately 8,000 GSF of the imaging center will be dedicated to clinical support space that includes the common areas, clinical support, and space such as waiting rooms, nurse's stations, vital collection areas, doctor collaboration areas, and resident touchdown areas. An Oncology Center with approximately 70,000 GSF that includes: A Medical Oncology Clinic that includes approximately 11,500 GSF that will house numerous patient exam rooms, patient consultation rooms, patient procedure rooms as well as support areas for clinical operations. A Radiation Oncology Clinic that includes approximately 11,000 GSF that includes patient exam rooms, patient dressing rooms, support areas, two linear accelerators and a computer tomograph simulator. An Infusion Clinic that includes approximately 11,300 GSF that will include patient treatment open bays, patient treatment shell open bay space, patient private rooms, patient consultation rooms and support space for clinical operations. The remaining 36,200 SF will include: Resident touchdown space; Clinical support and non-assignable square footage for the administration; Common areas; and building support spaces.
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