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Notary Bond Information

The information below is excerpted from the State Office of Risk Management instructions to all state agencies. Angelo State University employees should contact Michael Murphy at (325) 942-2180 or by email at mike.murphy@angelo.edu

Notary Without Bond Forms for Texas Client Agencies


As of Sept. 1, 2002, state employees designated by a state agency to be a notary public are no longer required to purchase a notary bond (H.B. 1203). All other notary regulations must be followed. The state provides defense and indemnification to a state employee for damages, attorney’s fees, and court costs adjudged against them when the damages are based on an act or omission in the course and scope of the person’s employment (Civil Practice and Remedies Code Section 104.001).

Application Process for New and Renewing Notaries

The process for new or renewal of state employee’s notary commission without bond is outlined below. If you are currently commissioned as a notary public and are seeking to renew your commission, please wait until you are within 90 days of the expiration date of your current commission before submitting a renewal application.

  1. Complete the application below for state employees who will not be providing a notary bond.
    • Form 2301-NB, Application for Appointment as Texas Notary Public – No Bond
  2. Complete the Acknowledgment Form.
  3. Submit Payment – Make payments payable to the Secretary of State. Payment/Proof of Employment can either be:
    • A copy of an interagency transaction voucher (ITV) verifying the pre-payment, transfer of the $11 filing fee (RTI#300300, COBJ-7210, and TINS#33073073075000) from your agency to the Secretary of State with the employee’s/applicant’s name in the USAS transaction description; or
    • A State Agency/University check for $11, payable to the Secretary of State; or
    • A State Warrant for $11, payable to Secretary of State.
  4. Provide proof of employment. The payment methods listed above qualify as accepted proof of employment.
  5. Mail the original completed application, original completed acknowledgment form, proof of employment, and payment (all three items must be received at one time) to:State Office of Risk ManagementBonds & Insurance SectionP.O. Box 13777Austin, Texas 78711-3777

Once the application has been received by the State Office of Risk Management, please allow a minimum of 5 business days for our Bonds and Insurance section to process your application. If SORM has received all of the necessary documentation, we will forward your application to the Secretary of State’s office for their commission issuance.

Individuals are able to check the status of their application with the Secretary of State’s office by accessing the SOS Notary Search page.

Name Change Application for Bond Exempt Notaries

If you need to change your name before your commission’s expiration date, read the instructions on Form 2305-NB below and complete. Forward the original Application for Change of Name along with $10 fee payable to the Secretary of States’ Office. Send a photocopy of the application to the Bonds and Insurance Section of SORM.

  • Form 2305-NB, Application for Change of Name as Texas Notary Public Without Bond (Adobe PDF)

Change in State Employment for Bond Exempt Notaries

If you have transferred State Agencies or have been terminated by a State Agency before your commission’s expiration date, complete Form SORM 204. Read the instructions and send the completed form to Notary@sorm.state.tx.us.

  • Form SORM-204, Notary Without Bond, Change in Status (Adobe PDF)

Notary Educational Materials

An overview of the Secretary of State’s notary public educational information as it applies to state government. http://www.sos.state.tx.us/statdoc/edinfo.shtml. An online training video is available on the Texas Secretary of State’s web site.http://www.sos.state.tx.us/statdoc/zip-instr.shtml.

Professional Rubber Stamp

Notary Public without Bond Pre-inked with Rectangular Border
Image of Notary without Bond Stamp
A special notary stamp is required for a Notary without Bond. The stamp must show “Notary without Bond” below the bottom border of the notary stamp. The stamp may be purchased at a local rubber stamp or office supply store. State employees are also able to order from either vendor shown below through TPASS’ statewide rubber stamp contract:
  • 67152 1-02-065-3370-4; MULHOLLAND INDUSTRIES LTD; 1332 NORTH MAIN, FORT WORTH TX 76164; MISSY MURRAY, Phone: 817-624-1153; E-mail: missy@mulhollands.com
  • Vendor Number: 67152 MULHOLLAND INDUSTRIES LTD; (615-77-79326-0) EA $7.00 NOTARY RUBBER STAMP – SIZE: 1″ X 2-1/4″ -
  • 00561 1-38-247-1219-7; RODZINA INDUSTRIES INC; 3518 FENTON RD, FLINT MI 48507; ROBERT CROSS, Phone: 810-235-2341, Fax: 810-235-3919, E-mail: rodzinaind@aol.com; Vendor Number: 00561 RODZINA INDUSTRIES INC615-77-79325-2 EA $8.00 NOTARY RUBBER STAMP – SIZE: 1″ X 2-1/4″ –RS RM18-NS – DELIVERY IN 10 DAYS- AVAILABLE ON SMARTBUY

For More Information

Texas Administrative Code, title 28, Part 4, Chapter 252, Subchapter E


Contact by e-mail: Notary@sorm.state.tx.us or phone: (512) 936-1483.