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Operating a Vehicle

Whether you use a vehicle owned by the university or plan to rent one from an outside agency, there are some things you must know! There requirements apply to employees and students as prescribed in Operating Policy 79.13 and Operating Policy 80.08. You need to carefully review the operating policies before you go on your trip. The following tips will help you get off to a running start.

First and foremost, plan ahead.  You may need 15-30 days to complete the approval process.

  1. You must have approved driver status.  Requesting approved driver status is easy!  Make sure you review the qualifications found in OP 79.13, pp 2-3.

  2. Contact your unit, division, or department manager in order to submit your Driver Approval Request Form and supplemental documents through an online tool called the “Vehicle Operator System” (VOS).  Your request will be electronically routed through VOS to the Office of Risk management for review and approval.

  3. Driver approval status must be renewed annually.  This will be managed by your department contact, so be sure to respond promptly to any of their communications

  4. If you plan to drive a 15-passenger van after you have received approved driver status, you must complete annual 15-passenger van safety training and pass a routine drug screening.  Approved drivers are authorized to use the link below.  You will have successfully completed the training with a passing score of 70 or above.  You may then submit your certificate to TTUSRM@ttu.edu.  Please ensure that you title the email “Update 15 passenger van training” in order to quickly update your online record.

  5. You may also find that your position requires you to drive a cart.  In this instance, your supervisor may contact the Office of Risk Management so that you can be enrolled in the training appropriate for your campus.

Do you meet all the requirements listed above and have approved driver status with van approval, if needed?  If so, you are ready to go.  Don’t forget to review the operating policies, and most importantly, have a safe trip!