Renew Your Magazines to Support Texas Tech!

Alumni Highlights

The Texas Tech Alumni Association has teamed up with Reader’s Digest to offer all Red Raiders a way to support Texas Tech by simply renewing or purchasing magazine subscriptions. You can choose from more than 700 magazine titles and also select from a lengthy list of music and books.

These prices are the same as you would pay if you ordered the magazine through the publisher. However, 40 percent of each purchase will be given to the Texas Tech Alumni Association. This money will go toward the scholarships and programs for students, faculty and staff that the Alumni Association supports.

How to Renew and Support Texas Tech
When you are ready to renew your magazine subscription or order a new magazine, please go to the Texas Tech Alumni Association website, Click on the tab that reads “Reader’s Digest Magazine Program,” which is under the “Shop & Support” header. You can also go directly to, click on the “Just Shopping” tab and enter 425051567 as the school account number.

Renew any subscription at any time no matter when it was last ordered or renewed. Your subscription will simply be added on to when it was originally going to expire. When renewing a subscription, be sure to copy your name and address as it is on the white mailing label of that magazine.

For more information on this new and exciting program, please contact Brent Ross at