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The Database Systems group supports all aspects of database servers that are under their management.  We manage both Linux and Windows systems with Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL database management systems.  We also consult with departments on campus, if requested, to provide best practices and support for co-located or external systems.  For more information please email us at dba.tosm@ttu.edu.

Enterprise Applications

The Enterprise Applications team is responsible for installing, configuring, and maintaining vendor software. We support and troubleshoot Banner ERP, ODS, and other enterprise applications and integrations used by the Information Systems department and Texas Tech University System entities. We are responsible for database refreshes and source code management as well. For more information, please email us at tosm.enterpriseapps@ttu.edu.

Enterprise Systems

TOSM Enterprise Systems is responsible for the servers, storage and application platforms associated with the Banner ERP environment used by Texas Tech System entities.   We also manage a number of third-party systems and applications which interface with Banner.  Additionally, Enterprise Systems manages a number of enterprise-class storage arrays and fiber channel switches located in the TOSM Data Centers.  For more information please email us at enterprise.tosm@ttu.edu.


The TOSM Security group is responsible for managing the PCI servers that are in the datacenter, all of the anti-viruses on servers in the datacenter, a central server log collection application, the file-share event/audit log system, and a Symantec Endpoint Encryption PKI.  We are also available for any IT security consultations.  For more information please email us at security.tosm@ttu.edu.

Server Support and Data Center Operations

The Server Support and Data Center Operations group at TOSM is primarily responsible for the data center infrastructure, server support and consultation, shared services (Departmental websites, TECHShare, etc), backup and recovery operations, and the virtual server infrastructure.  We offer hosting services for physical and virtual machines under shared systems management or co-location agreements.  We offer backup and recovery solutions for systems both in and out of the datacenter, with copies of backups kept offsite for disaster recovery purposes.  For more information please email us at serversupport.tosm@ttu.edu.