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Service Pricing and Rates


Datacenter Infrastructure

Customer Costs

Rack space for rack-mountable servers/storage


Power (redundant UPS, PDU and generator)


Cooling and humidity control


Physical security and access controls


Network connections for physical servers and devices

$0 for initial gigabit connection, Contact TOSM Data Center Operations for current prices and additional ports.

Server monitoring

$0 for VMs; only eligible on physical servers with active maintenance contracts


Virtual Servers

Customer Costs

Base VM - includes 1 vCPU, 4GB RAM, 100GB system drive,

1gb shared network connection, and Windows Server 2019 Standard or Oracle Linux 7.

$375 per year

Custom VM – configurable VM that includes the base VM configuration above plus additional resources.  A customizable VM Pricing Tool is available for you to see pricing for your specific configuration.

Varies by configuration

Virtual Server Add-Ons

Additional RAM (unit is 1GB, up to 16GB total)

$25/GB per year

VM Storage (unit is 50GB)

$0.25/GB per year ($12.50/50GB per year)


Virtual Desktops*

Customer Costs

Base Virtual Desktop - includes 1 vCPU, 4GB RAM,

1gb shared network connection and Windows 11 Professional.

$300 per year

Virtual Desktop Add-Ons

Additional RAM (unit is 1GB, up to 16GB total)

$10/GB per year

Virtual Desktop Storage (unit is 50GB)

$0.25/GB per year ($12.50/50GB per year)

Additional vCPU (unit is 1 vCPU, up to 4 total)

$100/vCPU per year

vGPU (unit is 1GB, up to 2GB total)

$30/GB per year

* Both persistent and non-persistent virtual desktop options are available.  Please contact the TOSM Cloud Team to discuss virtual desktop options for your organization.


Storage Services

Customer Costs

* Techshare Storage – traditional file server storage that includes nightly backups and replication to disaster recovery site; 100GB free per department

$.15/GB per year*

Customizable Storage Solutions – We have other archival storage offerings configurable with a variety of data protection and replication options.  Please contact our Server Support team and we’ll help find the right storage solution for your specific needs.


* Storage available via UNC path using CIFS/SMB by default, although other access protocols are available, including REST and NFS; the customer manages access using eRaider accounts and AD groups


Backup Services

Customer Costs

TOSM Virtual Server Backups – VM must reside on TOSM’s

VMware cluster

2 TB of data is free; $.15/GB per year for additional data**

Physical Server Backups - for servers hosted in the data center

1 TB of data is free; $.15/GB per year for additional data**

Remote Physical Server Backups – for servers NOT hosted in the data center; remote network connections must be 1gb or greater; remote server must be capable of completing a full backup cycle within a normal nightly backup window

250GB of data is free; $.15/GB per year for additional data**

** All backups solutions above include offsite copies.  Additional data backed up beyond the threshold amount will be billed at $.15/GB per year, based on the maximum amount of a single backup at any point during the fiscal year.  Backup charges will be billed in arrears at the end of the fiscal year.