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The Chairman of the Board appoints all committee members and designates a committee chair (except as otherwise stated in the Regents' Rules). All other board members are ex officio members of each committee.

Standing Committees

Academic, Clinical, and Student Affairs Committee
The Academic, Clinical, and Student Affairs Committee consists of four members (3 members appointed by the Board chairman plus the student regent) and oversees the educational mission and academic programs; TTUHSC and TTUSHC El Paso clinical programs (both patient care services and clinical investigation); preparation and implementation of strategic plans; and student and faculty affairs within the component institutions of the TTU System. 

Facilities Committee
The Facilities Committee consists of three members and oversees use and occupancy of system property, and the planning and location of construction, maintenance and repair of system physical facilities. Members include:

Finance and Administration Committee
The Finance and Administration Committee consists of three members and oversees the budgeting process, handling of TTU System funds and all TTU System administrative matters. Members include:

Audit Committee
The Audit Committee consists of five members and assures that the board sets audit policy and maintains direct access to both internal and external audits of the TTU System. The chief audit executive is responsible to the board through the Audit Committee. Members include:

Special Committees

At any time during a board meeting or at any time between board meetings (with at least 48 hours advance notice to all board members), the Board chairor not less than six members by vote—may appoint special committees, name the members and designate the chair. Any special committee so created is temporary (except the Investment Advisory Committee) and is charged in writing as to its particular duties and functions and the period in which it is to serve (action by the chair or six members is required to extend this period).

Investment Advisory Committee
The Investment Advisory Committee, a special committee of indefinite duration, is composed of three members appointed by the Board of Regents of the TTU System; one member by the Foundation Board; and five members by the Chancellor of the TTU System. Of those five members, two are recommended by the Board of Directors of the Foundation, subject to approval by the Chancellor and Board of Regents. The committee chair is appointed by the chair of the Board of Regents. The Investment Advisory Committee meets quarterly to review and consult with investment counsel, investment managers and appropriate officers and staff of the TTU System administration. 

BOR Chair Appointees: Michael Lewis, Lynn Alexander and Burns McKinney
TTU Foundation Appointees:  Tom Mathiasmeier
TTU System Appointees: David C. Graves, Chris Loveless, Langston Turner, Benton Hyatt, Michelle McCloskey

Regents’ Rules Review Committee
The Regents’ Rules Review Committee is a special committee established by the Chairman of the Board of Regents.  Section 01.07, Regents’ Rules, requires that, in 2011 and in each fourth year thereafter, the Chairman of the Board shall appoint a special committee to conduct a review of the Regents’ Rules and to recommend to the Board for adoption any updates and revisions to the Regents’ Rules as may be necessary or appropriate. This committee serves only in an advisory capacity, with any proposed changes to the Regents' Rules being submitted to the appropriate standing committee of the board. Members include: