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Page Grid

The design surface is based on a one-quarter inch grid, allowing one-, two- or three-column text layouts and includes a narrow scholar's margin to accommodate supporting imagery, information graphics and accompanying captions. The grid is an invisible framework that gives even the most disparate elements within the system a common structural relationship, regardless of the design solution produced within it. A loose and free flowing layout is just as readily composed and aligned on the grid as a more structured geometric design. It is the underlying architecture that not only helps to ground the layout; it also provides an environment in which to more easily and efficiently organize information and imagery.

We've provided Adobe® InDesign® page grid templates for four common sizes found within our print collateral system; 4" X 9", 5" X 7", 8.5" X 11" and 9.5" X 12". See the links on this page to download these. Adobe® InDesign® is an advanced design and page layout application designed for use by graphic design and production professionals who have been trained in its use.

Professionals working within other applications such as Quark XPress are expected to translate the grid system to their particular applications.

Non-professionals working with other basic or advanced desktop publishing software are required to translate this methodology to their own unique applications to the best of their abilities.

Texas Tech Page Grid Examples