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Commemorative Items

The special status of the Official Seal and Official Signature of the Texas Tech University System requires that we carefully evaluate the appropriate use of these highest-ranking identities.

When you design and produce items that will travel into the public space and consciousness, you must be especially mindful to stay true to the TTU System identity. Commemorative items can remain viable for a long time and be seen by a great many people, affecting attitudes for years to come. We want these special branded items to hold their integrity over time and reflect positively on the system.

Commemorative items come in a wide range of colors and surface choices, so leverage our primary colors whenever possible. Be attentive to potential color conflicts with our signature red, utilizing a white reversed logo as a solution for dark-colored backgrounds. Similarly, the use of black logos will avoid color conflicts on light-colored backgrounds. Due to the variety of materials and printing methods found in the merchandising industry, you may need to make adjustments to accommodate size and reproduction limitations. Special artwork may already exist for these difficult reproduction processes.

Commemorative Items