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Project # Project Name Budget Completion Date
22-10TTUHSC Midland PA New Addition (CCAP) $2,500,000
17-05Public Art App $50,000
17-01School of Veterinary Medicine Feasibility $2,498,164
22-02MSU - Bolin Hall Renovation and Expansion (CCAP) $5,555,561
19-14Red Raider Power Station
19-11Library LIfe Safety/Renovation
19-07Texas Tech Federal Credit Union
18-08Music Building $10,000
17-13Mechanical Engineering Renovation, Phase I
17-10TTU Museum Master Plan & Design $175,000
17-06Architecture Building Renovation
14-20Masked Rider Pavilion
17-07Rip Griffin Park Expansion & Renovation $14,465,342
18-04NRHC Ranch Life Learning Center $8,200,000
19-16Academic Sciences Building $112,500,000
23-04Huckabee College of Architecture $49,000
23-09NRHC Red Steagall Institute
17-0319th Street Improvements
19-10NRHC Master Plan
00-27Rawls College of Business Administration $64,000,000
12-04Athletics Dept Multi-Facility Analysis $83,594
08-24Admin Building Abatement & Renovation $2,050,000
19-03ASU Campus Master Plan
22-03ASU Carr Hall Renovation $8,561,645
22-06ASU Central Plant Renovation and Additions $2,872,087
22-08ASU Elta Joyce Murphey Auditorium Renovation $6,000,000
23-07ASU Concho Hall Demolition $486,650
23-08ASU Aviation Program Training Facility $514,782
10-09ASU Concho Hall Abate/Demolish $0
21-01TTUHSC Amarillo Master Plan
16-11Amarillo Pediatric Specialty Clinic $6,495
19-17ATTUHSC - Dallas Southwest Professional Building Renovation-Sixth Floor $6,781,070
23-06TTUHSC El Paso Clinical Sciences Building (CCAP)
23-12TTUHSC El Paso Comprehensive Cancer Center
12-01El Paso Campus Conceptual Design $5,000
22-09El Paso Dental School
22-07TTUHSC Lubbock - Laboratory Animal Resource Center (LARC) Expansion (CCAP) $3,738,096
23-05TTUHSC Lubbock - Preston Smith Library Renovation - 3rd Floor $549,354
23-11TTUHSC Lubbock-5B West Research Lab Renovations (CCAP) $244,219
13-06TTU/TTUHSC Lubbock Campus Master Plan 2014 Update $99,284
14-16AAbilene Public Health Facility-Operations $468,214
16-02VA Lubbock CBOC
14-17Chancellor's Suite Renovation $75,000
18-05Museum East Wing Addition $12,000,00012.29.2022
19-01J.T. & Margaret Talkington College of Visual and Performing Arts Theatre & Dance Complex Phase II Renovation $21,075,33711.11.2022
19-17TTUHSC - Dallas Southwest Professional Building Renovation $15,500,00010.31.2022
16-07USDA Cotton Classing Laboratory04.28.2022
19-08School of Health Professions Physician Assistant building on Midland College Campus $30,000,00001.04.2022
20-01School of Veterinary Medicine $105,000,00012.13.2021
19-15Texas Tech Dental Oral Health Clinic $25,000,00004.29.2021
18-11Jones AT&T Stadium East Side Finish-Out $9,403,40703.22.2021
17-04The Dustin R. Womble Basketball Center $32,187,61902.26.2021
18-07Angelo State University Mayer Museum $17,850,00001.29.2021
16-04TTU Dairy Barn Renovation $3,539,06109.30.2020
18-02Dental Learning Center $12,518,17509.04.2020
15-07Medical Science Building II $85,255,67509.04.2020
19-02Chemical Engineering Renovation Feasibility Study07.29.2020
17-14Weeks Hall Renovation $24,500,00007.06.2020
17-08TTU Athletics - Athletic Dining Facility $5,560,00002.03.2020
15-05Lubbock Education, Research & Technology + West Expansion $99,375,00012.20.2019
17-02Lubbock Auditorium/Coliseum $3,500,00010.10.2019
17-11Frazier Alumni Pavilion Addition09.30.2019
18-09ASU Food Service Bldg Renovation $8,600,00008.28.2019
15-04Experimental Sciences Building II $79,500,00006.28.2019
14-14College of Visual and Performing Arts $23,000,00005.30.2019
15-06Permian Basin Academic Facility $22,300,00003.29.2019
18-03TTU Football Practice Fields Replacement $2,393,71306.22.2018
17-12Boston Avenue Beautification $189,50006.02.2018
16-05Centennial Village - Phase II $14,500,00006.01.2018
15-09Museum Life Safety Upgrade and Air Management Replacement $7,650,00003.09.2018
16-03LeGrand Football Stadium Press Box $3,976,00003.05.2018
14-18Petroleum Engineering Renovations - Phase I $9,859,00001.08.2018
14-21Sports Performance Center within the Edward E. Whitacre Jr. Athletic Complex $48,000,00001.02.2018
15-03ASU Archer College of Health & Human Services $26,360,00012.01.2017
14-10United Supermarkets Arena Renovations $5,581,62409.30.2017
11-11Panhandle Clinical Simulation Center $9,750,00008.25.2017
14-12New Honors Residence Hall Project $29,900,00007.15.2017
15-01ASU Hunter Strain Engineering Laboratories Addition $4,000,00006.30.2017
16-09Library Space Assessment $150,00005.04.2017
14-11New System Office Building $27,500,00003.07.2017
15-13Psychology Building Addition $300,00001.24.2017
12-08Maddox Engineering Research Center $29,207,03011.30.2016
14-03Facility Study for SEZ $180,00009.27.2016
14-16Abilene Public Health Facility $15,000,00009.06.2016
14-19Jones AT&T Stadium North End Zone Building Renovation $4,650,00009.03.2016
14-08Rawls College of Business Administration Addition $15,874,78208.01.2016
15-11McLeod Tennis Center $75,60004.28.2016
15-02Jones Stadium - NE Corner Renovation $868,06603.09.2016
14-04Campus Beautification - Irrigation $125,00011.05.2015
13-11TTU Campus Beautification Phase I & II $4,778,00011.05.2015
11-15Bayer Plant Science Building $14,340,00010.16.2015
13-00Human Sciences LS Upgrade $9,650,00008.21.2015
14-15Jones AT&T Stadium Renovation - SE 1st Floor $1,650,00007.25.2015
12-17TTU Research and Technology Park - Phase I $29,045,00007.13.2015
07-30Biological Sciences Bldg Life Safety Upgrades $8,484,84806.15.2015
12-16TTUHSC Combest Community Health & Wellness Ctr Exp $5,108,50006.02.2015
13-03Bayer CropScience - Seeds Innovation Center - Main Office - Research & Development / Bayer CropScience - Seeds Innovation Center - Trait Development $19,316,13505.26.2015
14-09Synthetic Turf Intramural Recreation Fields $5,785,00002.25.2015
12-13TTUHSC El Paso School of Nursing $14,500,00010.17.2014
13-01West Village $54,800,00007.30.2014
13-08Track Team Building Renovation $1,295,62704.25.2014
11-09Terry Fuller Petroleum Engineering Research Building $22,823,02801.15.2014
13-02Jones AT&T Stadium North End Zone Colonnade & Infill Seating $5,401,07811.15.2013
10-08Burkhart Center for Autism Education and Research $10,626,40011.04.2013
07-29Architecture Bldg Life Safety Upgrades $7,647,66109.15.2013
12-12Video Scoreboard Package $11,000,00009.06.2013
11-08TTUHSC Abilene School of Nursing $12,000,00007.30.2013
11-19BSL-3 Lab at the Institute for Environmental Human Health $2,400,00004.26.2013
12-05Creative Movement Studio $2,212,50001.30.2013
12-09TTUHSC Abilene School of Pharmacy $3,000,00012.10.2012
11-13Gerald Myers Indoor Soccer Facility $1,123,00010.12.2012
04-02Media and Communication $25,199,18308.24.2012
11-18Admin Bldg - 3rd Floor Interior Finish-Out $2,753,50908.24.2012
10-07Cash Foundation Clubhouse Don-Kay-Clay & Cash Family Team Facility $3,913,01608.16.2012
12-18Student Synergistic Center Amarillo $115,39507.31.2012
10-05Talkington Res Hall & The Commons Facility $47,000,00007.23.2012
10-13Exercise & Sports Sciences $7,649,41204.11.2012
08-36Kent R. Hance Campus Chapel $3,464,44703.06.2012
11-05Texas Tech Baseball Park Improvements & Picnic Area $5,350,99002.13.2012
08-30ASU Plaza Verde Residence Hall Phase I $32,000,00007.31.2011
09-19NRHC North Addition $1,833,00007.15.2011
04-15Experimental Sciences Building Build-Out $12,079,63805.02.2011
08-26ASU Recreation/Wellness Center and Center for Human Performance Expansion $7,000,00004.01.2011
10-01Art 3D Annex Finish Out (Sculpture) $3,800,00001.31.2011
09-05Jones AT&T Stadium North End Zone Expansion $6,000,00001.01.2011
08-29ASU Porter Henderson Library IT Commons Renovation $4,380,00012.08.2010
08-33HSC 4C Cancer Research Labs $3,513,33809.21.2010
10-12Jones AT&T Stadium NEZ Facilities $1,300,00009.17.2010
08-40Jones AT&T Stadium East Side Expansion $34,875,00009.03.2010
08-32The F. Marie Hall SimLife Center $6,500,00007.09.2010
08-04Softball Team Facility $3,227,20001.21.2010
08-13Center for Pulsed Power and Power Electronics $1,180,50008.17.2009
96-29HSC Academic Classroom Building11.03.2003
Total Projects: 133
* Construction and renovation projects valued under $4 million are managed by the operations departments at respective component institutions. If interested in these projects, please contact the specific division at Texas Tech University, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Angelo State University, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso or Midwestern State University.